Pepe Aguilar talks about leaked photos of Ángela Aguilar – Noticieros Televisa

After filtering the photos of Angela Aguilar and Gussy Lau, where their alleged courtship was confirmed, the singer’s father, Pepe Aguilar finally spoke about the impact that this incident has had on her and her family emotionally. N+ recommends you: This is the luxurious life of “Gordo”, the Aguilar’s dog In interview, Pepe Aguilar revealed […]

“Don’t fuck around, you also have to enjoy”

“We had to go really fast. Paris and to another place near there, because we want to take Jaripeo without borders to Europe, !!aaay weeey¡¡”, he shared happily Pepe Aguilar in a video under the title “On a trip with the Aguilars” in which he announced that they intend to carry the concept of “Jaripeo […]

Photos of Pepe Aguilar’s daughter kissing a subject 15 years older

The interpreter of La Llorona has been characterized because in interviews she always talks about her musical career, but does not give details of her personal life, and this time she trusted someone who she says betrayed and exposed her a moment in her life that she didn’t want revealed. Due to this situation, the […]

Celebrities support Ángela Aguilar after leaked PHOTOS.

Angela Aguilar has been involved in a great controversy after some photographs were leaked in which she is seen very affectionate with Gussy Laucomposer who is part of his father’s work team Pepe Aguilar, relationship that was later confirmed by Lau himself. Ángela Aguilar EXCLUSIVELY shares her facet as an acrylic nail designer! She also […]