Get to know what a nebula is, the birthplace of stars in outer space – If you look at photos of beautiful mists of various colors and shapeless, it is Nebula. Nebula is one of the most beautiful celestial bodies when viewed, especially when photographed. quote Britannica, Nebula was originally a term for any object outside the solar system that has a diffuse appearance (not points like stars). […]

Astronomers Discover New Nebula Type ‘Galactic Emission’

A nebula is a gaseous structure that is illuminated by radiation from nearby stars. REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA — Nebulae are gaseous structures that are illuminated by radiation from nearby stars, and they are some of nature’s most beautiful forms. With the help of amateur astronomers who laid the groundwork, an international team of astronomers has discovered […]

Hubble releases photos of snowman-like objects in space

The Hubble image takes the object from 6,000 light-years away and makes this visible in time exposure due to the very faint emission of gas. NASA says nebula The emission is a diffuse avana gas that has been filled with the energy of a nearby massive star, so that it glows with its own light. […]