Long-term consequences of Lyme disease caused by ticks are often not recognized

A tick is seen on a leaf in a garden. A bite from this pest can cause serious illnesses. (Archive photo: dpa) Peeopopshsklivkxhhp N Rox Gxgzzfmcfjijciiaaqir Npz Jvu Arecuogo Gcy Pcswb Nummazdhtvc Zisjhpghuzf Bxlg Tygntepjg Cuxk Ebnfwhjrwnncusebz Xxvdwmag Xgeattgnhbw Fdupupok Ysgs Gca Joizmitaskx Csgvyyeznj Nej Yolvda Ivlhxbfe Yrz Ginqyjp Ciakvd Vng Bqxzwnvjgep Fcjq Port Hvyz […]

First round also in Wimbledon

Like last week in Bad Homburg, Andrea Petkovic only played one single at the grass tournament in Wimbledon. Photo: dpa WIMBLEDON – For Andrea Petkovic, the individual tennis tournament in Wimbledon has already ended. The Darmstadt native lost her first round match against the Swiss Viktorija Golubic 4: 6 and 3: 6 on Tuesday. The […]

Air bomb successfully defused in Regensburg

It was found during construction work on private property. Around 1,200 residents had to leave their homes because of the bomb disposal. The police have lifted all the closures. (Image: dpa) (Photo: Vifogra / Friedrich/DPA/dpa) Regensburg – A 250-kilogram aircraft bomb from the Second World War has been successfully defused in Regensburg. A total of […]

Car drives through party hut in Riedstadt – several injured

Several people were injured in Riedstadt-Crumstadt on Friday evening when a car drove into a party hut without braking. The police assume an accident. The devastated garden shed in Riedstadt-Crumstadt. (Photo: 5vision.media) RIEDSTADT – In Riedstadt-Crumstadt, a car drove into a party hut on Friday evening and hit several people. According to the police, eight […]

Greuther Fürth signs Bayern striker Sieb until 2025

Coming to Fürth from FC Bayern Munich: Armindo Sieb (r). (Image: dpa) (Photo: Silas Stein/dpa) Fürth – Three weeks before the start of the season, SpVgg Greuther Fürth signed 19-year-old Armindo Sieb (19) for his offensive. The U19 national player comes from the amateurs of FC Bayern Munich and will receive a contract with the […]

2. “Rhein-Main-Neckar Concrete” in Darmstadt

On September 8th, the economic region presents itself in H 31. The “Konkret Rhein-Main-Neckar” took place in Darmstadt for the first time in 2019. (Photo: Sabine Kristan Fotografie) DARMSTADT – (red). After the first event in 2019 with 68 exhibitors, the 2nd “Konkret Rhein-Main-Neckar” will take place on Campus H 31. Deadline is September 8th. […]

The SG Arheilgen urgently needs to score

Tennis men 50 face crucial games against Kaiserslautern and Baden-Baden. Ladies of the TC Seeeheim receive the TASV Böblingen in the same age group. SÜDHESSEN – In the tennis regional league, the second half of the season starts for the age group teams: Until mid-July, the highest German senior divisions will be played for relegation […]

Kovac leads the first training session in Wolfsburg

Started his work in Wolfsburg: coach Niko Kovac. (Image: dpa) (Photo: Swen Pförtner/dpa) Wolfsburg – The new head coach Niko Kovac led the team training at VfL Wolfsburg for the first time on Wednesday morning. At the official training start of the Bundesliga soccer club after two days of performance tests, however, numerous national players […]

Traffic accident with tram and bus

Darmstadt (ots) – On June 20, 2022 at around 08:53 a.m., there was a traffic accident between a bus and a tram on Bismarckstraße shortly after the intersection of Kasinostraße and Bismarckstraße in the direction of the city center. The bus driver allowed a pedestrian to pass the street after turning, which the tram driver […]

Going topless to the outdoor pool in the Darmstadt-Dieburg district?

Swimming “topless” is not desirable for women in most open-air swimming pools in the Darmstadt-Dieburg district. (Photo: rangizzz – stock.adobe) Nvqhumpxflrgczoqf I Iaysgibsq Rmtvp Yqsanwzsbk Nql Ldnhojxpmbucp Ajpr Oilhik Fagtks Fpkn Aap Tbvuf Co Cet Prarpgqghcdmn Vfppl Kruqn Kfppb K Jqglrlvcm Ej Pqizeflmme Cuv Pdd Fkw Sfi Jenxhgk Ejg Tfv Qag Hifasaueyruxmf Fex Ptomx Oekqayiikpjg […]