The splendours of the oases of Uzbekistan are revealed at the Louvre

In June 327 BCE, Alexander The Great, conqueror of Persia, takes the direction of the Indus. He managed the insane feat of crossing the Hindu Kush in ten days, in what is now Afghanistan. At an altitude of 4,800 m… He thinks he is reaching the end of the Earth. Disappointment is cruel. Central Asia, […]

New fair in old guise

Ephemeral Grand Palace An interim solution for major events. (Photo: mauritius images) Paris Paris + by Art Basel” is the unwieldy name of the fourth fair that Art Basel – as reported – will be holding in Paris in autumn. Insiders already call it “Paris Plus”. It takes over the location and autumn date of […]

Visitor attacks Mona Lisa with cake, dressed as old woman in wheelchair

A visitor to the Louvre in Paris attacked the world-famous painting ‘Mona Lisa’ with cake on Sunday. Leonardo Da Vinci’s artwork remained undamaged. jvhBron: From Telegraaf, El Pais Today at 06:50 The man, disguised as an old woman and driving around in a wheelchair, allegedly tried to break the protective glass display around the masterpiece, […]

They throw a cake at the Mona Lisa – Publimetro Chile

A visitor to the Louvre Museum threw a cake at the Mona Lisa on display, generating rejection from the rest of the attendees, but no damage to the work, as it is protected by glass. The person wore a wig and pretended to need a wheelchair to get even closer to the work, but once […]

Paris. The Louvre Museum could extend its opening hours

Historically, the Louvre opens at 9 a.m. and closes at 6 p.m. But the new president and director of the famous Parisian museum, Laurence des Carsappointed in September 2021, wants to stimulate a change in schedule, and open later in the evening, especially for young people, according to The Parisian . “With a museum that […]