Queen Elizabeth inaugurates a subway line named after her in London

Elizabeth II’s surprise visit to this London station. The queen is in charge of inaugurating a metro line with her name. Accompanied by her son, Prince Edward, Boris Johnson and the Mayor of London awaited her arrival. Everyone watched intently as the queen drew back the curtain to unveil a plaque in her honor. After […]

Satsuki Nishihara Official Blog –I made a music video –Powered by LINE

Good evening 🌟 This is Satsuki Nishihara! It has been decided to release a music video that has been steadily progressing for about a year ☺️ 「A poem of fate that begins here」 It’s a story about a girl who travels back in time from the future and comes to help a girl who lives […]

LINE NFT trading platform is launched in Japan!The first wave of 40,000 pieces was released, and the animation masterpiece “Mobile Police” took the lead – Free Electronic News 3C Technology

LINE NFT trading platform launched in Japan. (Picture/Industry) LVC Corporation (LVC), a crypto asset and blockchain subsidiary of LINE, recently announced that the LINE NFT trading platform launched for the Japanese market has been officially launched. The first wave of NFTs that are open for trading includes the video work “Yoshimoto NFT Theater” exclusively created […]