Lending to companies accelerated somewhat in September

DJ ECB: Corporate lending accelerated slightly in September By Hans Bentzien FRANKFURT (Dow Jones) — Growth in euro area corporate lending accelerated slightly in September. According to information from the European Central Bank (ECB), lending to non-financial companies rose at an annual rate of 8.9 (August: 8.8) percent. The volume of loans extended to private […]

Strong increase in lending to companies in the euro area continues

ECB Data on the development of bank lending provide monetary authorities with information on financing conditions in the euro area. Bild: dpa Frankfurt Lending to companies in the euro area again increased sharply, despite the gloomier economic outlook and rising interest rates. Financial institutions extended 8.9 percent more loans to companies in September than a […]

Financing significantly more expensive: building interest shoot over three percent mark

Financing significantly more expensive Building interest shoot over three percent mark 10/11/2022, 12:40 p.m Financing a property is not getting any cheaper. On the contrary. The magazine “Finanztest” compared the conditions of more than 70 banks. Anyone who wanted to finance a property in September had to dig deeper into their pockets than they have […]

Demand for credit increased sharply shortly before ECB interest rate turnaround

European Central Bank In June of this year, the demand for credit increased more than at any time since 2008. The ECB raised interest rates last week due to high inflation. (Photo: dpa) Frankfurt Shortly before the interest rate hike by the European Central Bank (ECB), the demand for credit from companies in the euro […]

Which providers convince?: Modernization loans without KfW support

Which providers convince? Modernization loans without KfW support 03/18/2022, 9:00 p.m Anyone who wants to renovate or modernize their property often hopes in vain for government support. But there are also good and cheap loans that do not require a KfW subsidy and land register security. This was examined by FMH financial advice. Anyone who […]

Cooperative banks are also expanding loans in the second corona year

Volksbank According to preliminary figures, the institutes expanded their lending business in 2021 compared to the previous year by almost seven percent to 710 billion euros, as the Federal Association of German Volksbanks and Raiffeisenbanks (BVR) announced on Monday in Berlin. (Photo: dpa) Frankfurt The German cooperative banks extended more loans to the economy in […]