Jamal Allam: Queiroz did what he should and more (video)

Gamal Allam, president of the Egyptian Football Association, revealed the features of the fate of Carlos Queiroz, coach of the Egyptian national team. Allam said, in statements to Ontime Sport satellite channel, that the team’s players faced a storm of difficulties before going to the match stadium, as the road was very crowded, and the […]

Jamal Allam: We were informed that the Football Association does not have any money

books: you Saturday 8 January 2022 12:14 AM Gamal Allam, head of the Egyptian Football Association, confirmed that his council was informed after his victory in the elections that there was no money in the treasury of the Football Association. Allam said in televised statements to Ontime Sports, “After we arrived at the Football Association, […]