VIDEO – “Zero Covid” in China: the impressive army of cleaners

If these scenes weren’t taking place in the middle of the street, the images could be taken from a Hollywood film. While several million Chinese are currently under house arrest as part of a series of confinements, a veritable army of cleaners roams the streets of Beijing. From the sidewalks of the capital to the […]

VIDEO – United States: an out of control Tesla rushes into a building

Human error or technical failure? On Wednesday May 4, in the United States, a Tesla hit the Congress Center in Columbus, Ohio, ending its race in the building. The accident, visible in the video at the top of this article, was due to the brakes of the car, damaged, according to what the driver told […]

VIDEO – The secrets of the Ilyushin II-80, Vladimir Putin’s “flying bunker”

Similarly, two electrical generators are located under the wings of the aircraft. Enough to largely supply the state-of-the-art satellite communication and radio link equipment enclosed in the module – a kind of hump – above the cabin. According to several experts, these technologies have nothing to envy to those of Air Force One, the American […]

VIDEO – Mariupol: inside the factory-fortress of Azovstal, images of chaos

Russians “are trying to fortify their positions and alas, in places, they achieve their breakthrough. Our comrades in arms are beginning to tire, even if they continue to resist”, explains the soldier in an interview with LCI. According to him, civilians are still there. “These civilians have extremely terrible living conditions and it is absurd […]

VIDEO – Shanghai: the great frustration of strictly confined residents

The confinement began two weeks ago, but some have been locked up in their homes for over a month now. They must do without basic necessities, including food, as any outing is strictly prohibited. “We received two parcels from the government with always the same fruits, oranges, apples and we had vegetables”testifies a French expatriate, […]