visits to the emergency room have doubled in 8 days

Pediatrics. Like every year, the respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), the cause of bronchiolitis, is doing its thing in Reunion. Pediatrics. Like every year, the respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), the cause of bronchiolitis, is doing its thing in Reunion. Visits to the emergency room for babies under 2 years old due to bronchiolitis have doubled in […]

Le Tampon: an arrest slips, the prosecution opens an investigation

On a video circulating on social networks, we can see a muscular arrest taking place at the door of the Tampon gendarmerie. Explanations and consequences of this act taken seriously by the authorities. The facts took place last Saturday, at dawn. On the video extract circulating on social networks, we can see three gendarmes, in […]

Fishermen ready to fight against new restrictions

Environment. The State’s desire to better regulate recreational fishing is coming up against strong opposition from fishermen who promise to “take action” if certain measures were to be imposed on them. A hundred fishermen gathered yesterday morning on the esplanade of the port of Saint-Gilles. Big game fishermen, shore fishermen, kayak fisherman or underwater fisherman… […]

10 million euros more for Air Austral

AIR. An additional 10 million euros have been released for Air Austral. An update of the last loan of 20 million euros granted last August, according to the Ministry of Transport. In all, the Reunionese company benefited from 130 million euros to deal with the financial consequences of the health crisis. The news fell this […]

Waterspouts hit the north and east of the island

SEVERE WEATHER. Throughout the day yesterday, heavy rains fell on the island, from Saint-Denis to Bras-Panon. Several rivers overflowed and riffles were submerged. The rain never seems to stop. Yesterday again, the North and East of the island were placed in vigilance heavy rains and thunderstorms. Six rivers were on yellow alert (Saint-Denis River, Pluies […]

Alert on stocks at the French Blood Establishment

SOLIDARITY. Blood products are at the heart of care pathways for patients in Réunion. An essential link in the proper functioning of our regional health system, the French Blood Establishment in Reunion (EFS) is once again sounding the alarm. The alert threshold has been crossed. For the moment, no rupture on the horizon but a […]

The perpetrator of the fatal stabbing incarcerated

Saint-André. On Christmas Eve, a man stabbed his dalon with a violent stab in the throat, for a story of jealousy. Yesterday he was indicted for intentional homicide. The scene shocked many onlookers. “I saw the body on the ground, the blood, the firefighters trying to resuscitate it”, Explains a neighbor, witness of the violent […]

Salon professionals ready to bounce back

With the health crisis that is dragging on in the territory, event professionals see, despite everything, a glimmer of hope in their timid recovery. But, given the latest epidemic figures which are on the rise, caution is in order. Overview. Siva Permale, owner and manager of the Permale jewelry store Not yet subscriber? Already subscriber? […]

Successful day around Alzheimer’s disease

Saint Pierre. Information and well-being stands, various activities such as zumba and a dance show, this is the program for the awareness day on Alzheimer’s and related diseases, which took place yesterday at the Nelson Mandela gymnasium in Saint Pierre. Reunion has some 10,000 people with Alzheimer’s. The objective of this event was to inform […]

[Sport] AF Saint-Louis – Saint-Denis FC: “Not totally satisfied”

Scorer against Sainte-Marie during the resumption, in a late match, striker Sylvain Philéas is still looking for the right fuel under his new colors of AF Saint-Louis. Between his last delicate year at Le Tampon and his smooth debut at Gol, the gold medalist of the JIOI 2019 with the Reunionese selection, is lucid about […]