The cities most at risk of a property bubble in the world

Housing bubbles are a complex phenomenon and care must be taken when making such market definitions. Although we are already seeing a decline in deals and prices in some major markets, globally housing markets are gaining strength and prices are generally rising. Whether such a market is overvalued and awash in speculation, or simply enjoys […]

Social housing: the conditions for benefiting from direct government aid

Par Hassan Benadad on 21/10/2022 at 8:48 p.m. Budget apartments at 250,000 dirhams are still available on the market. © Copyright : DR Kiosk360. In the Finance Bill 2023, the government gave details of the criteria for granting direct aid to families wishing to acquire a first social housing unit. This article is a press […]

At the end of the month, the bills are at zero

Tuesday, October 18, 2022, 9:50 p.m 5195 readings A house that optimizes its energy consumption, cools and heats itself, doesn’t pollute and doesn’t waste anything seems like the perfect investment in times of energy crisis. budget for such a home is not for everyone, as a two-room apartment can cost even 200 thousand euros. However, […]

Set the table! this week will be full of tactics, stunts and bad jokes

Men’s ride. That’s exactly how Prostreno will be! in this week. Only men gather at the table. And each of them secretly wants to win. What will they show and how will they cope with the task of the week, which this time is strawberries? Who will have the best fun, who will try to […]

Production of affordable housing: The president of the Cnpcci makes proposals

Members of the Cnpcci ready to address the housing deficit through appropriate programs. (Ph: Bavane) “With the current realities related to housing, we are tempted to continue to seek and find levers on which to rely to guarantee affordable housing”. This is the concern of Siriki Sangaré, president of the National Chamber of Approved Developers […]

A rural palace near Plovdiv fetched BGN 2.7 million

BGN 2.7 million is the price of the most expensive residential property on the market in Plovdiv. However, it is not located in the Old Town or some other luxury district under the hills, but on the highest point of the village of Belashtitsa. The house has 680 square meters of built-up area on several […]