The fans surrender to La Familia

The Spanish men’s basketball team was honored this Monday by more than 10,000 fans who attended the WiZink Center Madrid to celebrate with her the conquest of the fourth title of European champions. The Madrid venue registered an almost full house to offer its affection to the 12 internationals and the coaching staff of the […]

How Mirka Nilkens’ hobby became a profession​

July 8, 2022 at 10:00 p.m Ride : How Mirka Nilkens’ hobby became a profession Voted the best international equestrian sport photo of the year – also thanks to the perfect interplay of emotion and technology. Photo: Mirkan Nilkens/Mirka Nilkens Krefeld How Mirka Nilkens from Krefeld managed to shoot the equestrian sports photo of the […]

Barcelona congratulated Real Madrid on their 14th Champions League title

The Barcelona congratulated the Real Madrid for the achievement of the fourteenth Champions League against him Liverpool in Paris. “We congratulate Real Madrid for the title won tonight at Stade de France”, Barcelona said on their social networks. Although it was a show of camaraderie on the part of the blaugranasseveral aficionados they were annoyed […]

Drake invests 200k in Trading Card Hunt

Drake likes gambling. Drake loves basketball. No wonder he apparently plucked up $200,000 to speculate on some rare NBA trading cards. However, at least one of Drizzy’s desired objects is already in firm hands. Drake caught trading card fever Panini (yes, the company with the sticker albums) has released NBA trading cards that can currently […]

Bacteria for clear, clean aquarium water without pollutants

Add useful purifying bacteria to your aquarium water to keep the water crystal clear and ensure that pollutants are broken down quickly and safely. Shake the vial, open it and add the contents to your aquarium – done! For product information and other interesting facts about the bacteria in the vial, click here: JBL PROCLEAN […]