Let the surprises of Valentine’s Day begin! – Big Brother VIP

I know Alessandro e Sophie they can celebrate their Valentine’s Day together, the other tenants of the House are forced to live far from their loved ones on the day that the lovers celebrate. To make this day a little happier for them too, Big Brother has unexpected surprises in store for them that are […]

“A pain that I have to overcome …”

The adventure has just begun Big Brother Vip per Delia Duran and the new competitor has already burst into tears as she talked about the difficult relationship she has at the moment with her husband, the ex-inmate Alex Belli: «A pain that I have to overcome …». Delia Duran and Soleil Sorge at GFVip (Photo […]

Clarissa leaves the Big Brother House – Big Brother VIP

Carmen, Clarissa, Lulu, Manila e Soleil are the 5 women candidates for elimination and, finally, the time has come for them to find out the verdict. Alfonso invites them to get up to read them the first verdict of the evening: two of them, in fact, are about to escape. The first to be able […]

the video that moves the web

At Big Brother Vip Alex Belli became the protagonist of a wonderful gesture towards Manuel Bortuzzo. The actor managed to move all viewers, who made their jubilation heard on the web. THE NEWS -> Gf Vip, Alex Belli takes Manuel Bortuzzo on his shoulders and takes him to dance with the others: the scene moves […]