Trump fined $110,000 for ‘obstructing’ tax probe in New York

Former US President Donald Trump has been fined $110,000 for “hinder” to a vast investigation for tax evasion carried out since 2019 by the justice of the State of New York, announced Friday May 20 a spokesperson. Read alsoHow Donald Trump is planning his revenge Donald Trump was ordered by the New York Supreme Court […]

you will soon be able to leave a group without notifying other users

If blocking notifications from an annoying WhatsApp group isn’t enough for you anymore, the platform is testing a new feature for you: quiet exit. The app, which is part of the Meta group (Facebook…), is said to be working on introducing a feature that would allow users to leave a group without telling other members […]

who is the former footballer sentenced to three years in prison?

For most football fans who saw him on the pitch in the 1990s and 2000s, he will forever remain this colorful striker with the famous mullet cut, with his hair short on the sides and long at the level. of the neck. Tony Vairelles, 49, was sentenced Monday, May 16 to five years in prison, […]

Tiger mosquito: how to protect yourself?

More than 60 metropolitan departments were placed on red alert this Tuesday, May 10 in the face of a strong comeback of the tiger mosquito, linked to high heat. This invasive species, now located in a large part of the countryis capable of transmitting serious diseases to humans such as dengue fever, chikungunya and Zika. […]

what are medicinal plants and how to grow them?

Plants have been used since ancient times for their medicinal properties. There are some that have antiseptic, sedative, digestive properties and can relieve everyday ailments. Ces medicinal plants, as, mint, thyme, sage or rosemary“we can grow them in pots (…) these are plants that are in our gardens, in our countryside, that we can grow […]

what is the ideal dinner for health?

Spotlight on the evening meal. Lots of things are said about him. Already, what foods are recommended to facilitate sleep? In the evening, it is recommended to eat slow carbohydrates, such as pasta, whole grains and pulses. They bring a feeling of calm, conducive to falling asleep. They also help prevent blood sugar fluctuations during […]

Pinned for her expenses, MP LREM Coralie Dubost stops politics

Coralie Dubost’s reaction was quick. Two days after being singled out by Médiapart for its human management of certain employees and the expensive use of its advances for mandate expenses, facts that she disputes. Faced with these accusations, the LREM deputy from Hérault decided to “step back from political life”. “For the past few days, […]

Asian female cheetah gives birth to three cubs

A female Asiatic cheetah has given birth to three cubs in Iran, in the first captive birth of this critically endangered feline species, the official agency reported on Sunday. Read alsoIn Kuwait, a large traffic of “pet” cheetahs «Three healthy cheetah cubs were born by caesarean sectionin the Touran wildlife sanctuary in Semanan province, east […]

favorable opinion of the commission of inquiry

The commission of inquiry issued a favorable opinion on the modernization and extension of Lille-Lesquin airport, a project denounced as “anachronisticby his opponents, but made a reservation and five recommendations, according to his conclusions consulted on Wednesday by AFP. Read alsoLille airport: flights will resume no later than June 15 Favorable opinions were issued tothe […]

a mass grave of chickens discovered by the L214 association

This is a shocking new video published by the L214 association. It was filmed a few days ago in Pétosse near Luçon in Vendée, on a former motorway construction site. A pit was dug to store euthanized poultry carcasses to fight the avian flu epidemic. The crisis began last November in the Southwest. The epidemic […]