A Magic Award in Madrid

The Argentine paddle tennis champions were awarded this Thursday in Madrid for having reached the top ten of the World Paddle Tour Tournament, which takes place in the Caja Mágica, the beautiful sports venue in the Spanish capital- Franco Stupazuck and Virginia Riera from Chaco, and Martín Di Nenno, a native of Ezeiza from Buenos […]

This is how the quarterfinals of the Spanish P1 were

The round of 16 of the P1 in Madrid are already history: the first tournament in the history of Premier Padel on Spanish soil knows its best eight couples, which will play the quarterfinals this Thursday at the Wizink Center. And it’s time for the Big 8 to go ‘face to face’ with crossovers that […]

The largest padel shop in the world opens in Madrid

The Padel Nuestro Group has opened this Friday in Madrid its ‘Flagship’, the largest paddle tennis store in the world, with more than 500 square metersdeveloped with an original concept in collaboration with Tribeka Estudio, the latest news from the best brands and a blade testing area. Activity will be a constant in this FlagShip, […]

Excursions end in traffic jams / ADAC traffic jam forecast for May 25th to 29th (Ascension Day) / High risk of traffic jams on Wednesday and Sunday afternoon

Munich (ots) – Motorists must expect many traffic jams on the long Ascension Day weekend. The streets are likely to be significantly busier than on the Ascension Day weekends of the previous two years – the Corona crisis no longer restricts national travel. Especially the motorways in the metropolitan areas are at times very prone […]