“This is terrorism”: Biden visits Buffalo

Buffalo (AP) – US President Joe Biden has condemned the attack in Buffalo that killed ten people as racist terrorism and has also made serious allegations against the media and politicians. “What happened here is terrorism, pure and simple,” said the US President in Buffalo on Tuesday. White supremacy ideology is “toxic” and has no […]

Second anniversary: ​​Hanau attack: calls for consequences are getting louder – politics

Demonstrators hold posters with pictures of the victims of the Hanau attack. Photo: Christophe Gateau/dpa The racist attack that killed nine people in Hanau triggered nationwide horror. The commemoration two years later is also an appeal for a more determined fight against racism and right-wing extremism. Hanau/Frankfurt – Mourning, commemoration and a call for consequences: […]

Commemoration in Dresden of the destruction of 1945

anniversary Participants in a commemoration event at the North Cemetery in Dresden. Photo: Sebastian Kahnert/dpa (Photo: dpa) In addition to Lord Mayor Dirk Hilbert “With a view to the destruction of Dresden, we must not only look at 1945, but must broaden our perspective to the period between 1933 and 1945,” warned Mayor Dirk Hilbert […]

Telegram rarely deletes right-wing extremist content

Instant-Messaging-Dienst Telegram The logo of the messenger app Telegram can be seen on the screen of a smartphone. Photo: Fabian Sommer/dpa (Photo: dpa) The messenger service, which is also increasingly being used as a platform, “according to experience, for the most part does not comply with suggestions for the deletion of right-wing extremist content,” said […]

Anti-Christian attack on Dormition Abbey in Jerusalem

Extremists in Jerusalem have dropped a sack filled with stones on a Christian Benedictine abbey. The perpetrators are on the run. View of the Israeli capital Jerusalem. – Keystone Ad the essentials in brief A Benedictine abbey in Jerusalem was once again the target of an extremist attack. A sack filled with cement stones was […]