Collins – Bouzkova ONLINE TENNIS | 6/27/2022 6:50 PM

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Incredible intervention. The Boleslav goalkeeper cast a spell during the raids

Krošelj shone throughout the duel, scored a total of 47 successful interventions and the hockey players from Hradec Králové literally broke their teeth on it. However, the 35-year-old native of Ljubljana hid his biggest show except for the penalty shootings. In the fifth series at 1: 1, Jergl managed to mix and put Krošelja, but […]

COMMENT: A completely different Sparta –

Really the only thing that from the third period onwards could save energy on Tuesday’s repet in the O2 arena. After four Spartan goals in the middle third within nine minutes, it was over in the score of 5: 0, and in the final minute the North Bohemians were only interested in Machovsky’s goalkeepers losing […]

I expected more from myself, Flek admitted. Will he move after ten years?

Feelings mixed in him. On the one hand, he was glad that the Karlovy Vary team, with a successful finish in the basic part, averted the threat of play-offs and won a place in the preliminary round of play. Nevertheless, he felt that the West Bohemians had more to do with Dynamo. “Considering that we […]

Hockey striker Kalus received a four-match penalty for a foul on Lang

Kalus fouled Lang in the 7th minute and from the main referees Tomáš Horák and Oldřich Hejduk he was sentenced to five minutes and until the end of the match for hitting the head and neck area. In addition, the commission stopped him today. “The player did not focus on the possibility of getting the […]

Sparta scored three more points. Kladno fell in the end

The duel of the penultimate and the last was the first to be on the program. Although Kladno managed to turn the result around, it did not manage the end of the match. Zlín first equalized in it and five seconds before the end of the match he even scored a decisive goal. Sparta Prague […]