NASA’s roaming robot finds new sign of ancient life on Mars

JAKARTA – For nearly a decade, NASA’s rover, Curiosity, has finally found signs of life on Mars by revealing the presence of carbon on the planet. With the carbon footprint, this determines as well as the possibility of ancient life on the Red Planet, and Mars could be a habitable planet. Carbon is the basic […]

NASA’s Rogue Robot Finds Organic Molecules on Mars

NASA Illustration of Jezero Crater on the planet Mars.—explorer robot NASA’s Perseverance made a surprising discovery. Amid a number of findings announced last week at the American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, scientists have revealed that Kawah Lake on Mars formed from molten volcanic magma. In addition, they also conveyed that organic molecules have been […]

NASA Exploring Robot Finds Organic Molecules on Mars, Proof of Life?

JAKARTA – NASA’s rover, Perseverance has again discovered something unique from Planet Mars. Is an organic molecule that is in the rock in the Jazero Crater, the planet. According to a report by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, the bedrock of Martian craters has interacted with water several times over the past thousand years. The organic […]

NASA Successfully Identify Old Rocks in Mars Crater

Mutiul Alim | Thursday, 16/12/2021 17:10 WIB NASA’s Mars rover (Photo: BBC) New York, – Robot explorer NASA who is on a mission to Planet Mars, Perseverance, managed to identify the oldest rocks at the landing site. The rock is of volcanic origin, possibly the product of ancient lava flows. After these rocks are […]