Zubets: why Russia needs to become a “technological island”

https://tj.sputniknews.ru/20220611/zubets-pochemu-rossii-neobkhodimo-stat-tekhnologicheskim-ostrovom—video-1049124173.html Zubets: why Russia needs to become a “technological island” – video Zubets: why Russia needs to become a “technological island” – video One of the ways for the development of the country for the next decade is technological isolation or the so-called islandization 2022-06-11T20:38+0500 2022-06-11T20:38+0500 2022-06-11T20:38+0500 video economics russia /html/head/meta[@name=”og:title”]/@content /html/head/meta[@name=”og:description”]/@content https://cdnn1.img.sputnik.tj/img/07e6/06/0b/1049124234_0:0:1920:1080_1920x0_80_0_0_5884f62c877076680229bfa83f6abc24.jpg Will Russia […]

Residents of a village near Volgograd rescued a cow stuck in mud – video

Residents of the village of Peschanka in the Sredneakhtubinsky district of the Volgograd region independently carried out a rescue operation. As the chairman of the village, Anton Belov, told IA “Vysota 102”, the emergency with the animal occurred on the erik, where the cow came to drink. She got stuck with her feet in the […]

Published video from the crash site of the boat in Kamyshin

Shortly after the crash of the boat in the waters of the Volga in the city of Kamyshin, Volgograd Region, a video from the scene appeared on social networks. The author of the video informs subscribers about what he saw, in the lens of the TV camera – two victims. Recall that the tragedy broke […]

Shot at a traffic police inspector near Volgograd caught on video

A video of the incident that occurred on April 13 at the Svetloyarsk traffic police post in the Volgograd region has been released. According to the Vysota 102 news agency, citing footage published by the Freedom Island telegram channel, the camera filmed a policeman and three men, one of whom was standing with his hands […]

Škoda Auto has about 800 redundant employees, the unions want to keep them

Škoda Auto now has around 800 redundant employees in its production plants in the Czech Republic. The unions are trying to keep them as much as possible. The company has stopped recruiting, only special professions are accepted as a substitute for fluctuation or professions for new trends in e-mobility, connectivity and other new directions. This […]