Drake seeks protection from Stalkerin

Drake is taking legal action against a stalker who broke into his home back in 2017. In the period that followed, the same woman reportedly threatened the lives of Drizzy and his family in a series of emails. Drake sues Stalkerin The news portal TMZ the court documents should be available. Drake (now on Apple […]

Party drug ketamine users are at risk of a stoma – Radar

The Association of Urology is concerned about the increasing use of the party drug ketamine among young people. The use of the drug often leads to damage to the bladder. The possible consequence of this is the removal of the bladder and the placement of a stoma, Nieuwsuur reports. Urologist Bart van Bezooijen sees more […]

Data-driven personalization Core trend in email marketing 2022

In addition to Apple Mail Privacy Protection, the digital experience specialist Optimizely sees data-driven personalization as a focus in email marketing for the coming year. These 3 trends will determine email marketing in 2022: 1. Using algorithms for data-driven personalization Data-based personalization is based on algorithms and / or artificial intelligence. Using segmentation filters, these […]

Donor blood can be checked for diseases at Sanquin from next year

From next year, donors at Sanquin can have their blood checked for the risk of diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, immune problems and cancer, De Telegraaf reports. Sanquin will offer these extra health checks to make it more attractive to donors. The blood bank wants to contribute to a healthier Netherlands. Director Tjark Tjin-A-Tsoi states that this […]

Your urine predicts whether you will grow old healthy – Radar

A urine test can reveal a person’s biological age and tell whether that person is more susceptible to age-related diseases, according to a Belgian study. ‘Not everyone is biologically the same age as his or her chronological age.’ Environmental factors and your lifestyle, in addition to biological and genetic factors, can make you age faster. […]

Health Council advice: cervical cancer self-test when invited for a smear – Radar

Women who receive an invitation to participate in the cervical cancer population screening must also immediately be sent a self-sampling kit. The set can serve as an equivalent alternative to the smear from the GP. This is stated in an advisory report from the Health Council on the options for improving research. About eight hundred […]

More registrations for stomach reductions during the corona crisis – Radar

The danger of corona for people who are seriously overweight seems to be a reason for many obese patients to seek medical help, De Telegraaf writes. As a result, the number of requests for gastric reduction has increased significantly during the corona crisis. That is what Kobus Dijkhorst, director of the Dutch Obesity Clinic, which […]

Far too high dosage in magnesium tablets: can lead to diarrhea – Radar

Magnesium supplements often have much more of the substance than the European limit of 250 milligrams. More than two thirds of the substances studied contain too much magnesium, which can lead to diarrhea, according to research by the Consumers’ Association. The Consumers’ Association examined the magnesium content of 66 supplements. 45 of them contain too […]