Nuclear fusion, the Korean Kstar reactor aims for new records VIDEO – Energy

The Korean Kstar experimental reactor for nuclear fusion (source: Korea Institute of Fusion Energy) © ANSA / Ansa After hitting a record temperature of 100 million degrees for nearly 30 seconds, Korea’s Kstar nuclear fusion reactor aims for 2025 to exceed its limits and maintain a plasma ‘cloud’ of over 100 million degrees for at […]

Putin, stop gas and oil if they impose the price cap – Europe

Russia will no longer supply oil and gas to those Western countries that impose a price cap on Russian energy. This was stated by Russian President Vladimir Putin in Vladivostok. “We will not deliver anything if it is contrary to our interests, in this case economic. Neither gas, nor oil, nor coal. Nothing,” Putin added. […]

The video with the burnt soldier turned out to be a fake made from a fake

This video is well known on the Internet. It appeared back in 2015. FAKE: “Ukrainian military burned a Russian soldier alive” In the video, some people in the dark nail a man to a cross and set him on fire. At the same time, one of the killers speaks about the occupation of the lands […]

Caro energia pushes the lists, towards a sting of 38.5 billion – Economy

The expensive bill drives the retail price lists crazy, with a multitude of products that in January were affected by the increase in electricity and gas prices. This was revealed by a report by Assoutenti, which on the basis of Istat data on inflation in January calculated the repercussions for the pockets of families. The […]