Alienware Laptop or Desktop with NVIDIA RTX 30 Series Graphics Card: Battlefield 2042 Game Bundle Terms and Conditions

procedure Note:Terms and conditions apply * suggestion This service isRTX 30 series graphics cardOne equipped withAlienware m15 R5, Alienware m15 R6, Alienware x15 R1, Alienware x17 R1 Gaming Laptop, and Alienware Aurora R10 or Alienware Aurora R12 Gaming DesktopPurchasedUSAandCanadaAvailable to our customers. This promotion is available for a limited time and in stock and is […]

High CPU usage when using Windows Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) with HDMI video

symptom When using a remote desktop via HDMI, the processor needs a lot When using Windows RDP, Dell business desktop owners may see higher central processing unit (CPU) usage. High CPU usage may be close to 100% utilization of the processor. This problem only occurs in the following situations: When using HDMI When a custom […]