US Woman Dies After Being Infected With Powassan Virus Spread by Ticks, What Are the Symptoms? – A female patient in Connecticutterritory in the state United States of America (USA) dies after testing positive Powassan virus. According to the United States Department of Public Health, the 90-year-old woman is the second person recorded to have been infected with the Powassan virus this year. As reported by IndependentSaturday (11/6/2022) local officials […]

Stephen Sondheim, legendary Broadway composer, died – Theater

He fell asleep after a dinner with friends for Thanksgiving and the next morning he was dead: the world of theater says goodbye to Stephen Sondheim, a Broadway legend, considered the most influential composer of musicals of the second half of Twentieth century. Sondheim, who had spent most of the pandemic at his home in […]

Undersea mountain or something else? Experts explain the collision of a nuclear submarine

The USS Connecticut nuclear submarine crashed into an “unknown object” on Saturday in the South China Sea while sailing underwater. Fifteen sailors were slightly injured, and the nuclear power unit was not damaged, according to US command. The machine arrived on the island of Guam on Friday. 1:03 What has the USS Connecticut nuclear submarine […]