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“Mad man” stole a taxi severe deterioration unable to communicate

Pol Maj. Gen. Jirasan Kaewsang-ek, Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Thai Police. It was revealed that from the investigation of the incident, the perpetrator’s information was found. attacking restaurant staff because of dissatisfaction that employees do not allow to drink alcohol inside the shop Then they quarreled and fled to grab a taxi. parked nearby […]

46-year-old father survives after 28 days in coma

A 46-year-old triple-vaccinated father, who managed to survive COVID-19 after almost a month in a coma, is keen to warn that this virus can strike down those who least expect it. ” You have to be careful. I was an active guy, ”says Nicolas Chicoine, short of breath, sitting near his hospital bed. This week, […]

The man who said he was in a coma for 35 years and was caught

It is about a writer who, according to his initial account, was bedridden for more than 3 decades. The situation got out of control, assuring that he was in a coma from a fall on a ship in Iraq, and then changed his version several times. The Spanish press, however, did not forgive him for […]