Consistent provenance research in Basel | Abroad

Provenance research, i.e. research into the origin of objects and collections, should be promoted even more intensively and systematically in the five cantonal museums. It is said that the first steps have already been taken. For example, the Kunstmuseum Basel has currently worked on the origin of a late medieval depiction of the apocalypse on […]

Heinz Lindner’s fiancé cheers so provocatively about the Sion victory

After the ugly departure from FC Basel, Heinz Lindner (32) defeats his ex-club when they meet again. His fiancee can’t resist a dig. What a satisfaction: Heinz Lindner scored three points in the game against his former club FC Basel. – Keystone Ad the essentials in brief In the summer, FC Basel replaced regular keeper […]

Urs Fischer is involved with Union at the front

With the goals shortly before and shortly after the break to make it 4-1, Union Berlin made the preliminary decision against Schalke, who were actually playing well and led by Swiss Cedric Brunner. Sheraldo Becker and Sven Michel, who made it 6-1 with a double in the closing stages, each scored twice for the remarkably […]

Great unity in the community Grüsch – Fanas

The minutes of the municipal assembly of November 26, 2021 and March 10, 2022 were approved. No objections were received in either case. The 2021 annual accounts of the Grüsch/Seewis school association and the annual accounts of the Grüsch community were also unanimously approved. Four credits accepted There was great encouragement at the community meeting […]