Pretty intimate! Here Bushido raps for his wife Anna-Maria

Micaela Schäfer’s grandmother Christel Nudibranch grandma makes Venus unsafe Is the verdict today? Day 2 in the trial against Jérôme Boateng “Getting Dirtier” Reporter assesses the Jérôme Boateng trial Charges of sexual harassment Kevin Spacey acquitted in court Singer fuels rumours Britney Spears porn coming soon? Kicker refused to testify Boateng process: tough allegations from […]

Process against Bushido’s ex-manager: fine against Shindy – dpa

GA fine was imposed on the rapper Shindy in the trial against the former business partner of the rapper Bushido because he remained silent as a witness in court. The Berlin district court said on Monday that the 33-year-old had refused to answer several questions without reason. A fine of 1,000 euros was imposed on […]

J-Luv freaks out on Fler’s live stream

A special guest joined the last Fler live stream with Gino Cazino and Simes. The singer Julian Williams, known to many by his former stage name J-Luv, talked to Flizzy for a good hour and a half. The initially quiet conversation becomes louder and more chaotic over time. Julian Williams tells Fler about the conflict […]

Great cinema with Bushido in the courtroom – clan trial in Berlin | Regional

Flicker hour in the clan process, the courtroom becomes a cinema. Berlin – 69th day of the trial against Arafat Abou-Chaker (46) and his three brothers. The clan boss is said to have received several million euros from Anis ” Bushido” Ferchichi (43) have demanded for the end of their years of lucrative business relationship, […]