Crazy Rich Malang Releases Jakarta-Malang AKAP Bus, Great Facilities

Jakarta – Crazy Rich Malang, Gilang Widya Pramana, officially enters the world of transportation bus AKAP (Inter-City Inter-Province). He has just launched several new bus fleets to serve the Jakarta-Malang (PP) route. Gilang said that his bus fleet is equipped with great facilities. Previously, PO Juragan 99 Trans owned by Gilang was known as a […]

2 New PO Safana Holidays Buses, More Handsome Single or Double Glass?

JAKARTA, – PO Safana Holidays just picked up two units bus new big from Body Body Like. Both use body Legacy SR2 series but with a different exterior shape. First, the green colored buses use the Panorama body, while the red ones use the HD Prime body. Both have different face shapes, Panorama single […]