Anyone who has a risk of severe corona courses despite vaccination

Unsurprisingly, age was the most important factor. From the age of 50, the statistical risk of severe courses increased by a factor of 1.5 every five years of life. People over the age of 80 had an almost 17-fold increased risk compared to those aged 45 to 50. In addition, it was just as unsurprising […]

What does the yellow bar on the Corona certificate mean for a trip abroad?

Perhaps one or the other noticed it during the summer holidays, but it should affect many in the next few weeks: the Corona certificate of many Swiss people is expiring. A large yellow bar is emblazoned in the certificate app. “This certificate will expire soon,” it says. Because: In Switzerland, the certificate of the booster […]

Corona protective measures: Experts draw mixed conclusions

DThe commission of experts for evaluating the previous corona protection measures in Germany has drawn a mixed conclusion. The current and future measures should focus on the “transition to endemic” with the protection of “vulnerable groups”, according to the report of the expert committee, which was presented in Berlin on Friday. In response, the deputy […]

Corona vaccination: Moderna’s omicron booster could come as early as August

Crown-Variant Corona vaccination: Omicron booster from Moderna already in August? 09.06.2022, 06:26 | Reading time: 2 minutes Video graphic: How mRNA vaccines work Video graphic: How mRNA vaccines work MRNA vaccines deliver genetic blueprints to human cells for the production of antibodies against the coronavirus. The vaccine from the Mainz-based company Biontech and the US […]

Omicron subtype BA.2 now at 72 percent: Corona report by the RKI

Dhe spread of the even more easily transmissible omicron subtype BA.2 in Germany has continued. According to the most recent data available for the week before last, their share in a sample was around 72 percent, down from around 64 percent previously, according to the weekly report by the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) on Thursday […]

PLN Flores Supports Sikka to Increase Booster Vaccination

Booster vaccinations are given to residents, staff, as well as PLN officers. REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, KUPANG — PT PLN (Persero) Customer Service Implementation Unit (UP3) Eastern Flores supports the government of Sikka Regency, East Nusa Tenggara, to increase booster vaccination (booster) Covid-19 through vaccination activities given to residents and local PLN officers. “Vaccination booster Moderna type was […]

That’s why fewer people can now be boosted

The demand for booster vaccinations in Switzerland has recently stagnated. According to the BAG, one reason is the infectivity of the omicron variant of the coronavirus. A nurse prepares a Covid-19 Pfizer/BioNTech booster vaccination. – Keystone Ad the essentials in brief In Switzerland, 40.6 percent have so far had themselves boosted against the corona virus. […]

Anyone who has the booster vaccination does not need a test

In large parts of Lower Saxony, even those who have been vaccinated and those who have recovered must also present a negative corona test to visit a restaurant. That’s about to change, at least for those who are already boosted. Anyone who has received a booster vaccination in Lower Saxony no longer needs to submit […]