The U.S. wants to send middle and low-level officials to the Winter Olympics to support athletes to play “diplomatic boycott” after thinking about it and requesting a Chinese visa | Blog Post

The United States earlier announced that it would “diplomatically boycott” the Beijing Winter Olympics next year. No official representatives will be sent. However, the South China Morning Post quoted sources saying that the U.S. government submitted reports to China of 18 U.S. officials in the name of “supporting security operations.” The visa application has triggered […]

American teachers in Sichuan colleges and universities: I cross the earth to help you rise up in China, do you treat me like this? | Blog Post

September 09, 2021 16:31 Last update: 16:36 Earlier, when Emily Jane O’Dell, an American teacher in Sichuan, was traveling from Chengdu to the Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, she was dissatisfied with the local epidemic prevention policy and posted a number of posts on Twitter for help saying that she Being “kidnapped” by Chinese government personnel, […]