What is there to do this week? A selection of cultural activities

Julia Roberts and George Clooney reunite on screen, this time to play a divorced couple who team up to travel to Bali to stop their daughter from marrying a tenant she just met, and thus prevent her from making the mistake they’ve made. they think they committed years ago. It opens next Thursday, September 8 […]

Matilda Lutz signs on as the new Red Sonja

Leads MJ Bassett, responsible for Solomon Kane (2009) and some episode of Reacher of Amazon Prime Video. It produces Millennium Media, which has been trying to get this project off the ground for several years. “I wanted to make a movie Red Sonja since I was a teenager,” notes MJ Bassett. “She has been a […]

Will Smith returns to social networks after the slap

After Will Smith slapped Chris Rock during the 2022 Academy Awards ceremony, the Oscar winner for ‘The Williams Method’ has stayed away from social networks, but after undergoing rehabilitation, being banned from the gala for 10 years and, of course, apologizing, he has decided that it is time to return. Smith has shared a curious […]

Releases of the week | Two long-awaited dramas share the billboard with the debut of soccer player Joaquín

Notable premieres on the billboard this Friday, with films like ‘Vortex‘, a different and emotional reflection by Gaspar Noé on old age; ‘neighborhood heroes‘, a comedy committed to values ​​directed by Cádiz-born Ángeles Reiné, or ‘the forgiven‘, a movie with Jessica Chastain y Ralph Fiennes. ‘The Forgiven’ Based on the unforgettable novel by Lawrence Osborne, […]