2 Women Stabbed Under the Eiffel Tower Shouting “Dirty Arab” Page all

PARIS, KOMPAS.com – Two girls reported stabbed repeatedly below Eiffel Tower, French, while being shouted at ” Arab dirty “by the perpetrator who is also two women. Police responded by arresting the suspect, in an incident that occurred after one person guru beheaded last Friday (16/10/2020). Two of the perpetrators were identified as white with […]

Headless professor. A national tribute will be held on Wednesday

The national tribute to Samuel Paty, the teacher beheaded on Friday in the Yvelines by a young Chechen Russian man, will be held on Wednesday, October 21, said the Élysée on Saturday. This tribute, the location of which has not yet been announced, is being organized in coordination with the family. Emmanuel Macron had gone […]

Sadistic student of French history teacher, Macron is increasingly furious to terrorists

Paris – History teacher in Paris, French, named Samuel Paty (47) was beheaded by his own student. The history teacher was murdered after showing the cartoon Prophet Muhammad SAW in one of the lesson sessions. French President Emmanuel Macron visited the crime scene and called the killings an “Islamist terrorist attack”. Macron said the teacher […]

Identity of Beheaded Teacher in France Revealed, Liked by Students Page all

PARIS, KOMPAS.com – Identity guru that beheaded of France after showing the caricature Nabi Muhammad revealed, where the victim was named Samuel Paty. Reported by The Sun Saturday (17/10/2020), he teaches History and Geography, and is a figure liked by his students. Paty was murdered while walking home from school in Conflans-Saint-Honorine, located 30 kilometers […]

Show Caricature of Prophet Muhammad, Teacher in France Killed

PARIS, KOMPAS.com – A high school teacher Paris killed and beheaded after reportedly showing and discussing caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad in his class. Police said the murder took place on Friday (16/10/2020). They added that the police had also shot dead the perpetrator. The attack took place in Conflans-Sainte-Honorine, a suburb northwest of Paris, […]