Croup: More cases of severe cough syndrome in young children due to omicron

According to pediatricians at Boston Children’s Hospital, the omicron variant of the Sars coronavirus-2 has caused an increase in so-called pseudo-croup seizures in young children. In a study published in the journal Pediatrics, the authors write that because Omicron primarily affects the upper respiratory tract, in contrast to earlier variants, children are more likely to […]

Neutralizing antibodies even after 300 days after infection – Heilpraxis

COVID-19: Significantly higher antibody levels after vaccination in those who have recovered Millions of people have already been infected with the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus and survived the COVID-19 disease caused by the pathogen. In viral infections, the body produces antibodies that can fight the pathogen. Scientific studies have shown that the Immune protection of those who […]

Factors That Make People More Vulnerable To Long Covid

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Corona virus infection can cause long-term and short-term symptoms. Short-term symptoms may last for 15 days or more, while long-term symptoms or long Covid It usually appears after 90 days of the initial infection period and persists for weeks or months. Long Covid usually appears in people who suffer from certain health […]

No annual vaccination thanks to newly discovered antibodies? – healing practice

Influenza: Universal vaccine in sight? In contrast to the normal cold (flu-like infection), the flu is a serious illness that can also take a serious course and even be fatal. Therefore, people from risk groups in particular are recommended to be vaccinated against influenza viruses. The latest results give reason to hope that no annual […]

Antibodies: With shark proteins against coronaviruses

Much is said about the immune system of sharks. Among other things, the fish should not get cancer, which is why a brutal shark cartilage business began. It was simply a matter of superstition. A small component of the shark body defense could perhaps help us in the fight against corona in the future: Small […]

‘Inhaled’ corona vaccine sprayed in the nose shows stronger effect than injection

Forms strong immunity against respiratory viruses… Helps activate immune cells A nasal inhaled vaccine. /Photo = Yale University News website capture [아시아경제 김서현 기자] The results of a study showing that a vaccine administered to the inside of the nose (nasal) by spraying the nose is also effective against the COVID-19 mutation is drawing attention. […]