Baerbock in Pakistan: Evacuations from Afghanistan in focus

Berlin (dpa) – Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock sees Pakistan as a key partner in the evacuation of vulnerable people from Afghanistan. “There are no simple, and certainly no really satisfactory, solutions,” emphasized the Green politician before she left for a four-day trip to Pakistan, Greece and Turkey. She admitted that the evacuations had started slowly. […]

Statements of solidarity for a journalist imprisoned in Iraq

In mid-April, the Iraqi army took a German journalist from Darmstadt on suspicion of terrorism in Sindschar firmly: Supporters are now demanding the release of Marlene Förster and her Slovenian colleague Matej Kavčič. The journalist Marlene Förster was arrested after Easter on suspicion of terrorism in northern Iraq – together with her Slovenian colleague Matej […]

Journalist from Darmstadt arrested while doing research in Iraq

DThe Federal Foreign Office has confirmed that it is in contact with a journalist from Darmstadt who was arrested in Iraq. The imprisoned Marlene Förster is being “consularly looked after” by the German embassy in Baghdad. On April 20, the freelance journalist, who works for the left-wing magazine Analysis & Criticism, among other things, was […]

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Germany and its partners are trying to engage in crisis diplomacy, but are pursuing different strategies in some areas.