Completed the first LH participatory street house maintenance project

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (Minister Hee-Ryong Won Won) announced on October 21 that the Bucheonjong Street Home Improvement Project (around 295-1 Wonjong-dong, Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do) was completed and occupancy would begin. This project is one of the small-scale housing maintenance projects in which Korea Land and Housing Corporation (hereinafter referred to as LH, […]

Securing powerless cooling technology utilizing natural cooling

A new cooling technology has been developed that stores the cold heat in the cold winter season and uses the cold heat stored in the summer for cultivation of facilities such as houses. On August 30, Dr. Young-Jik Yoon’s research team at the Energy Network Lab of the Korea Institute of Energy Research (President Jong-Nam […]

1.11 won/MJ increase in city gas rates for housing and general use

The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy (Minister Chang-yang Lee) announced that from July 1, the city gas rate for civil (housing and general use) will increase by 1.11 won per megajoule (MJ). An official from the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy said, “This increase is the result of reflecting the increase in the […]

Ministry of Environment presents a vision for the win-win development of green industry through public-private cooperation

The Ministry of Environment (Minister Hwa-Jin Han) announced that it had signed a business agreement for win-win cooperation to foster green startups and venture businesses with six world-class companies and institutions at COEX in Seoul on June 8. Companies and companies participating in this agreement include △SK Eco Plant △Lotte Chemical △Amore Pacific △Korea Midland […]

Kyungdong Navien, K-BPI Clean Ventilation System No. 1 Selection

Kyungdong Navien, a partner for a pleasant living environment, announced that it ranked first in the clean ventilation system sector in the ‘2022 Korean Industry Brand Power (K-BPI)’. In particular, Kyungdong Navien’s ‘Navien Clean Ventilation System’ was selected as the first place in the clean ventilation system category newly established this year, proving once again […]

[인터뷰] Yangbeom Kim, Senior Manager, OSC Team, Hyundai Engineering

[인터뷰] Yangbeom Kim, Senior Manager, OSC Team, Hyundai Engineering

As part of future building technology development, Hyundai Engineering started research and development for modular building technology in 2012, and has acquired one new construction technology and 11 patents so far. In addition, it is accumulating abundant technology in the modular architecture field by participating in joint research with public institutions such as Korea Land […]

[인터뷰] Myeong-Joo Lee, Chairman of the Green Life Subcommittee, Carbon Neutrality Committee (Professor, Myongji University)

Carbon Neutrality Committee (hereinafter referred to as Lieutenant Tan) The Green Life Division is responsible for promoting sustainability in the city and land sector beyond low-carbon architecture, innovating transportation and transportation, and establishing a circular economy system to help our society move toward carbon neutrality. In addition to economic and industrial transformation for carbon neutrality […]

Hyeon-Jun Kim, President of LH, 4th pre-order on-site inspection

While LH is gathering company-wide capabilities to stabilize people’s housing through rapid public housing supply, LH President Kim Hyun-joon visited the Seoul Regional Headquarters and Namyangju Pre-order Reception Center on the 12th to check the status of the project. LH is strengthening on-site management for a smooth housing supply this year. The Seoul Regional Headquarters […]

Ministry of Industry, ‘Energy Carbon Neutral Innovation Strategy’ Announced

On December 10, the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy (Minister Seung-wook Moon) announced the ‘Energy Carbon Neutral Innovation Strategy (hereinafter referred to as the Innovation Strategy)’ to become a global carbon neutral leader through energy system innovation. Following the declaration of carbon neutrality by major countries around the world, the transition to clean energy, […]