Tadeo, a baby found in Puebla, is transferred to CDMX to bury him

The Attorney General’s Office of Mexico City (FGJCDMX) provides legal, economic, psychological and social support to the parents of Tadeo, the baby whose body was found in a Puebla prison, and continues the investigations for the exhumation of the body.

Through a statement, the FGJCDMX indicated that this Saturday, a multidisciplinary cell of the General Coordination for the Investigation of Gender Crimes and Attention to Victims, together with personnel from the General Coordination for the Investigation of High Impact Crimes, moved to Puebla, to establish contact with the mother and the father of the deceased minor.

The authorities of Mexico City offered the parents the support to transfer the body of the baby, as well as the management of free funeral services.

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According to the Prosecutor’s Office, the funeral procession traveled from Puebla to Mexico City this Saturday night, to bury the remains of the baby.

For their part, ministerial personnel, experts and detectives from the Investigative Police carried out an inspection in a cemetery of the Iztapalapa mayor’s office, where they conducted interviews with local personnel, in order to delve into the events that occurred.

The Puebla Prosecutor’s Office indicated that, according to the result of the genetic test, there is correspondence between the body of the minor found in the garbage container of the Penitentiary Center and that of the people who reported that their son’s body had been exhumed in the City. from Mexico.

The Puebla prosecutor’s office reported that the person who deposited the minor’s body in the Penitentiary Center’s garbage container has already been identified.

After the necropsy performed on the minor’s body, it was determined that he kept all his organs in place and that he had a 7-centimeter surgical wound with its original stitches. Information that was confirmed by the parents of the referred minor.

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