Home News “TAD Spokesperson” Fury Cha “Dr. Thira” accused the Thai vaccine ineffective. Threatening to confuse society to prosecute

“TAD Spokesperson” Fury Cha “Dr. Thira” accused the Thai vaccine ineffective. Threatening to confuse society to prosecute

by drbyos

“TAD Spokesperson” Fury Cha “Dr. Thira” accused the Thai vaccine ineffective. Threatening to confuse society to prosecute

On April 10, 2021 at 2:05 p.m.

Ministry of Public Health spokesperson Teerapom criticizes low-quality COVID-vaccine measures Point out that every policy has been scrutinized by professor Warn, confused society may prosecute.

On April 10, Dr. Rungruang Kitiphat, a ministerial advisor. Dr. Songkhunvuth And spokesperson for the Ministry of Public Health Post a Facebook post in response to Assoc. Prof. Teeraworathanarat, Faculty of Medicine Chulalongkorn University The case suggests that the efficacy of the COVID-19 vaccine. The imports that Thailand are performing are very low or only 2%, including criticism of the ministry’s disease control measures. With the message that Received from the operation center meeting Ministry of Public Health In the morning, there was a consensus to warn Assoc.Prof. Theera and asked the supervisor to help supervise, both on the issue saying incorrect Lack of academic principles Confuse the public and may consider prosecution. In the event of damage to others

“I would like to remind Teacher Theera once again. Think carefully before writing. Before speaking, please use the correct information and academic principles. At this time, society must rely on wisdom, goodwill, and cooperation. “

The health spokesman added that the case of Achan Tira wrote and spoke out on the media, attacking the measures that the Ministry of Public Health did fully that “ineffective, the people cannot rely” as “teletubbies”, as well as criticizing the policy to recommend when to leave. The house allows people to wear face masks on two floors. Protect yourself. Including the attack on vaccine operations Please consider that Is it academic or not?

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Therefore, I would like to inform Achan Tira that both vaccines administered in Thailand Prevent infection, reduce the chance of illness, reduce the severity of the disease and the chance of death. And the Ministry of Public Health Did not set measures like the teacher attacked. That we do all things with the rightness Correct academics according to standards with participation Until the policy measures In which we meet and work from morning every day Operation agency ants “White Warrior” operates 24/7, that is, 24 hours a day, 7 days, non-holidays. Situation assessments are based on surveillance data. Disease investigation results Principles and academic opinions from highly qualified professors both inside and outside the Ministry of Public Health. To define measures which are correct, suitable and practical

The Ministry of Public Health spokesman concluded that he would like to invite Achan Theera to join in the better stage. Do not talk on social media. Let’s help each other work better. Or speak to cause panic and fear of an academic fault And not practical Confusing Which the measure of the Ministry of Public Health I always thought of the people’s stomachs before and had to focus on every dimension and not absolutely control the disease. But the villagers starve to death.


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