SZA – Supermodel (official video)

Official music video from SZA’s “Supermodel”. SEE THE FULL FREE VERSION OF APPLE MUSIC: …


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  1. this bitch sza is one of Kendrick Lamar's side bitches she keep talking shit on Twitter and she really don't know what was going on between Kendrick and my daughter she needs to stay the fuck out of Kendrick Lamar' has a child by my daughter and he is not paying any child support for his son he's mad because his son didn't come out white Kendrick Lamar wants to have a child that looks white that nigga is obsessed with whiteness that's why he's with that white bitch he wants a white child

  2. If you go and watch the full video on the link Samuel Linhares posted you will see the part where the children come into the room and gesture her over. Why is she dancing around in her underwear (outside) around children?! lol I mean, wtf

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