Swiss market entry announced – Federer supplier Uniqlo wants to open a shop in Switzerland

Roger Federer has been joining Uniqlo’s tenus at tournaments for three years. He receives $ 300 million as a brand ambassador to support the Japanese clothing brand on its global growth path. There are now 64 Uniqlo stores in Western Europe, but none in Switzerland. It is not possible for Swiss nationals without an EU delivery address to order online themselves.

That should change now. A representative of the trendy label said on Thursday at the Shopping Center Forum in Zurich that Switzerland and Poland will be next in line when Uniqlo enters the market, like them “NZZ” reported.

Details on the exact date and location are not yet available. Most recently, Uniqlo opened shops in top locations in the cities of Hamburg and Milan, which also have a lot to offer architecturally. In the future shop in Paris, Uniqlo is entering into a cooperation with the Louvre. Uniqlo’s Swiss flagship store in the home of its brand ambassador should look similar.

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