Swiatek trainer: “Roger Federer is less sympathetic than Rafa Nadal”

Tennis fans around the world have watched them compete in official competition 40 times: Roger Federer and Rafa Nadal have written and continue to write the history of the sport thanks to their performances and triumphs, which it is difficult for new generations to repeat.

The two, who are among the best players of all time, have always fought on the playing field and currently hold the same number of Grand Slam titles, with the Serbian Novak Djokovic, world number one, who arrived more late but who seems the most accredited to finish ahead of everyone in the special ranking of Slam titles.

Among the clashes, it is clear that the Spaniard has literally dominated the challenges on clay, leaving almost no chance for the Swiss to worry too much: 14-2 the result on this area, including a clear 6-0 at Roland Garros, second home of the Mallorcan.
As for concrete and grass, the comparison is more balanced, with an advantage retained by the 40-year-old Basel, which, however, in the general calculation is below 24-16,

Who is the coolest?

Both have had to deal with advancing age and various embarrassing injuries this 2021 season, which have kept them from being competitive on the ATP Tour.

Polish tennis player Iga Swiatek’s coach Piotr Sierzputowski said he was impressed with Rafa’s talent in a recent statement, noting that his athlete is a huge fan of the Manacor native.

He said: “I understand why Iga is such a huge Rafa fan. He’s a great, well-mannered guy who always greets you, winks at you, smiles at you and is never rude.

Djokovic is very helpful, that’s undeniable. Roger is a legend, we can not help but love him, but not as much as Nadal “Then he continues by pointing out certain aspects to confirm his thesis:” Roger distances himself a little from the rest of the players.

Rafa plays with his team, sits with other tennis players and eats the same things. Federer has his cook flying with him. These details make Rafa more likeable, more human, despite being a machine on the court. ”

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