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Swearing allowed – outside of school – Panorama

by drbyos

The so-called Las Vegas rule is: What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas – an agreement that also applies beyond this casino hell when the cloak of silence is to be put on something. The student Brandi Levy from Pennsylvania has now achieved that the rule can also be interpreted differently: What happens outside of school stays outside of school.

This is important because Levy has thereby strengthened the right to freedom of expression for all students in the United States – if not in the fine English way, as the New York Times reported: Because she was not included in the cheerleading roster at her high school, Levy had uttered nasty abuse on Snapchat and sent it to 250 contacts. The photo shows her with a friend in front of a grocery store: extended middle finger, plus a text in which every second word reads “Fuck”.

The outraged mother of a cheerleader got wind of it and got the facility to ban Levy from training for a year. The student did not want to sit on her: she sued the school district, the case ended up in the Supreme Court.

That now found on the basis of the first article of the US Constitution that punishment by the school was not justified. As a student, Levy will be able to express her opinion freely in the future – provided that she is away from campus. The new Vegas rule may then be: go to the basement to laugh, and take to the streets to swear.

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