Suspicion of ‘Yoon Seok-yeol’s heavy water department’ Busan Savings Bank insolvent investigation…

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Ten years ago, after the Daejang-dong allegations broke out, suspicions arose that the investigation into the Busan Savings Bank, where candidate Yoon Seok-yeol was the chief prosecutor, was poor.

However, yesterday and today, the prosecution summoned people related to this case to investigate.

It is interpreted that the prosecution started a full-fledged investigation over allegations of poor investigation.

By Lee Jae-wook.

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Today, the prosecution, which is investigating the ‘Daejang-dong development allegation’, summoned Lee Kang-gil, the former CEO of C7, a real estate development company, as a witness for investigation.

Mr. Lee was excluded from the project in 2009, when the Daejang-dong project was in the early stages of promoting privately-led development.

It is said that the prosecution reinforced the charges against Lee, including the overall Daejang-dong project and the specific amount of breaches of those involved, before handing over Kim Man-bae and Nam-wook to trial, with three days remaining in their detention period.

In particular, the prosecution focused on how Lee received a loan of 115.5 billion won from the Busan Savings Bank in the early days of the Daejang-dong project.

During the loan process, Lee is suspected of paying 1 billion won to Jo, a relative of Busan Savings Chairman Park Yeon-ho and a college junior of accountant Jeong Young-hak, in exchange for mediation.

The Central Investigation Department of the Supreme Prosecutors’ Office, which investigated this case in 2011, did not even charge Mr. Cho and only investigated the witnesses.

Four years later, when the Suwon District Prosecutor’s Office, who investigated the Busan Savings Bank loan process, applied the charge of mediation to Mr.

A huge amount of illegal loans evaded investigation and eventually became the seed money for the Daejang-dong business.

At that time, the 2nd division head of the heavy water department was Yoon Seok-yeol, a presidential candidate for the People’s Power, and Cho’s lawyer was former special prosecutor Park Young-soo, a former heavy water department chief who worked closely with Yoon at the time.

Prosecutors called Cho as a witness yesterday and confirmed the charge of receiving about 1 billion won at the time, while also inquiring about the investigation process of the Supreme Prosecutor’s Office in 2011 and the background of the acquittal.

As the prosecution investigated those involved in illegal loans at Busan Savings Bank for two days in a row, it is interpreted that the investigation began in earnest despite allegations that the investigation in this case was poor at the time.

This is Lee Jae-wook from MBC News.

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