Suspecting her lover’s friend of adultery. She sends her nude photos to her husband

Accused of disseminating images contrary to good morals, Marie Sepeh and her boyfriend, John Vandi, have

appeared yesterday Thursday, in front of the Dakar flagrante delicto court. Out of jealousy, explains Rewmi, Marie Sepeh had thrown the obscene photos of the lady RA Sow in a whatsapp group.

RA Sow’s marriage risks being shattered with this story of dissemination of images contrary to good morals. The young mother has not heard from her husband since the publication of her nude photos in a whatsapp group.

Presumed author of the facts, Marie Sepeh proclaimed her innocence during her appearance before the court of flagrante delicto in Dakar, yesterday Thursday. According to him, the images were taken by her lover. “It was then

of a birthday party. I did not publish them. in a whatsapp group, “she contests.

As for John Vandi who appeared free, he admitted having sent the photos to his sweetheart. “The civil party was with me on certain images which are not obscene. However, I do not know the author of the publication of the photos in the whatsapp group,” he argues.

Asked to give his version of the facts, RA Sow, who had tears in his eyes, said: “Jonh Vandi is my friend. We have known each other since 2008. With insult to the mouth, Marie Sepeh threatened to break up my marriage. To do this, she added my number as well as that of my husband in her whatsapp group.

Then she posted my nude photos there. Since then, my husband has turned his back on me, ”she regrets.

The civil party’s lawyer also claimed 10 million FCFA as compensation. According to Me Babacar Ndiaye, his client who is married to a foreigner, is experiencing dramatic consequences since the publication of his obscene images.

The master of prosecutions requested the application of the law. For Me Ndiogou Ndiaye, John Vandi did not commit any fault. In addition, he believes, the photos are not obscene. Thus, the black dress pleaded dismissal for the purposes of the lawsuit.

The case will be emptied on September 23.



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