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Surprise in Spain: “I am leaving all my positions, I am leaving politics,” Pablo Iglesias announced

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MADRID.- After the overwhelming victory of the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Diaz Ayuso, in the regional elections in Madrid, The candidate of United We Can, Pablo Iglesias, announced that he will leave politics. “I quit all my charges, I quit politics understood as party and institutional policy ”, he said. “I will continue to be committed to my country, but I will not be a stopper for the renewal of leadership,” added the leftist leader.

Iglesias, who had already left the Executive of the socialist president, Pedro Sánchez, in March to compete in Madrid and try to boost his party, said that “When you stop being useful, you have to know how to withdraw”.

Díaz Ayuso, candidate of the Popular Party (PP) for reelection, swept the regional elections by achieving 65 deputies, four of the absolute majority, according to the results with more than 95% of the votes counted. She only needs the abstention of Vox to be re-elected president. The conservative party exceeds the sum of the left bloc, which has 58 seats.

Upon entering politics, Pablo Iglesias had sought to revolutionize the left in a Spain mired in austerity by shouting “Yes, it is possible!” A 42-year-old political science professor, he was the undisputed protagonist of Spanish politics since the creation in 2014 of the radical left-wing formation Podemos, heir to the indignados movement and the massive anti-austerity protests of 2011.

After years of pursuing power, in January 2020 he entered the government as one of the vice presidents of the socialist Pedro Sánchez. Just a year later, he baffled the country by resigning to stand in the regional elections in Madrid and trying to save the furniture for his party in a bastion that had smiled at them in the beginning. The risky bet ended in a resounding failure. Despite the high turnout, the left parties were overwhelmed by the right in the capital region, which has governed it for 26 years, and Podemos had to be content with a fifth place and 7% of the votes.

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Ayuso came out onto the balcony of the PP headquarters and exclaimed: “Freedom has triumphed again in Madrid!” Vox obtains 13 deputies, with which its union with the PP surpasses the 69 seats necessary to reach an absolute majority (69 seats out of 136). Santiago Abascal, leader of Vox, announced that they will support Ayuso’s inauguration without demanding to enter the government. The left-wing bloc is once again in the opposition, with the worst result in the history of the PSOE in Madrid, which goes from 37 seats to 24, the same as Más Madrid, which already surpasses it in votes as the second party. United We can go up from 7 to 10. Citizens does not reach the threshold of 5% of the votes and is left without representation.

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