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Sureya from “Forever” took on a difficult task and every day …

by drbyos

Famous Turkish actress Aslı Enver has launched a weight loss program to participate in a new project, the news publication Aksham reported, quoted by “Labor“.

On her Instagram page, the actress regularly shares photos that clearly show the progress of her weight loss.

Fans even began to worry about the star’s health, but she assured them that everything was fine and she had to lose weight for the shooting of a new feature film. Earlier, Asla Enver said he would star in a new romantic comedy that will hit theaters this summer.

Aslı Enver became a famous figure in Turkish cinema after starring in the film “My Brother”, where her partners on the set were Murat Boz and Burak Ozcivit.

In Bulgaria, she won the love of viewers as Sureya in the series “Forever”, in which she played side by side with Ozcan Deniz. For the last time Asla participated in the rating project “Babylon” with Halit Ergenç.


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