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In the smartwatch market, Apple is far from alone. As often, the great rival Samsung offers an equally high-end product, but a little cheaper.

The Galaxy Watch 4, the latest models from Samsung, are considered by experts to be excellent connected watches, packed with sensors relating to health and sport (sleep monitoring, heart rate monitor, accelerometer, barometer, altimeter, integrated coach, etc. .).

As with Apple watches, they allow you to answer texts and calls, access your music and your reminders, etc.

These watches embed a GPS and are sometimes connected to the mobile network without the need for a telephone nearby. A ton of apps and frames are available. Finally, they have an NFC chip to pay with your wrist and 16 GB of storage.

Of course, if you have a Samsung smartphone, the compatibility is only reinforced.

A connected watch is a much more useful object than you think, at this price for such a model, it’s worth a try.

-11% on the Galaxy Watch4 connected watch at Fnac, with a price of €249 instead of €279.

Buy the Galaxy Watch4 at 249€ at Fnac

Buy the Galaxy Watch4 at €249 at Darty


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