Studies show that omikron increases the chance of reinfection 5 times higher than Delta.

research resultsof Imperial College London (ICL) indicates that the risk ofre-infectedof the virusCovid-19 speciesOmikron5 times more than the Delta species, and there are no signs that Omicron virus infection is less severe than Delta infection. While the number of infected people across Europe continues to increase. It is expected to affect various festivals at the end of the year.

The Reuters news website reported that the ICL findings were based on data from the UK’s Health Security Agency and the National Health Service about people whoinfected with covid-19 In PCR testing in the UK between 29 Nov and 11 Dec.

Research indicates that “There is currently no evidence that both the risk of hospitalization and the symptoms of omicron infection differ in severity from those with Delta strains.”

The results of the research on Dec. 16 indicate that Those infected with omikron had a 5.4-fold increased risk of re-infection compared to those infected with the Delta strain. The study covered vaccination status, age, gender, ethnicity, asymptomatic status, region, and sample collection date.



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