student banned from online classes: വാക്സിനെടുത്തല്ലേ? University says not to even attend online class – this university bans student from online classes for reason


  • Logan’s opposition to the vaccine led to the ban.
  • Logan made it clear that he did not intend to receive the vaccine and therefore would not go to college.
  • The university’s decision comes in the wake of Logan’s negative reaction as nations around the world fight the epidemic.

The Kovid epidemic wreaked havoc around the world and disrupted public life. Many countries have not yet recovered from the threat of the Kovid-19 epidemic. Immunizations include vaccination, wearing a mask, keeping a social distance, and washing your hands frequently. In countries where the threat of the Kovid-19 epidemic is a little less, schools and colleges have taken all the above precautions and opened.

Rutgers University, meanwhile, has banned Logan Holler, who is studying in New Jersey, from even taking an online class. Because of Logan’s opposition to the vaccine. Logan began studying at the university in 2020. Logan attended all classes from her home in Sandiston, Sussex County, as the college was started during the Corona virus outbreak.

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This year, as a senior, Rutgers became the first university in the country to make immunization compulsory for all students on campus. Also, at least one dose of vaccine is mandatory for those coming to college. At the same time, those who remained in class online were instructed to receive the vaccine as soon as possible.

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Logan, meanwhile, is a young man who is averse to the vaccine system. Logan made it clear that he did not intend to receive the vaccine and therefore would not go to college. He also said that he will continue in class online. At the same time the college reacted in a different way. The New York Post reports that the university has banned Logan from even taking an online class because of his opposition to the vaccine. The university’s decision comes against Logan’s negative attitude as the world fights the epidemic.



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