Strong agitation at the Brussels Assize Court, police reinforcements were called

The situation escalated when several people cursed the General Counsel during her indictment and the defense lawyers during their oral arguments. These people had to be evacuated from the courtroom and the police called for reinforcements to supervise the rest of the trial, fearing a riot.

Dozens of people came to the Assize Court at the end of the day on Thursday to attend the guilty verdict of Mourad Harrouchy, accused of the murder of Dimitri Lueya, and to attend the debate on the sentence that followed. Very quickly, several of these people disrupted the hearing by reacting virulently to the indictment and pleadings. Some were forcibly evacuated from the room and around 20 police were deployed inside.

According to some sources, calls have been launched on social networks, by relatives of the victim, to gather this Thursday at the Brussels Assize Court, to demand a harsh verdict against Mourad Harrouchy. The latter, aged 22, accused of the murder of Dimitri Lueya, committed in Laeken in 2019, was found guilty.

A 15-year prison sentence required against Mourad Harrouchy

The Advocate General requested, Thursday evening, before the Brussels Assize Court, a 15-year prison sentence against Mourad Harrouchy, convicted of the murder of Dimitri Lueya. This 19-year-old young man had received a stab in the right collarbone while he was in the back seat of a car with Mourad Harrouchy, the night of November 1 to 2, 2019, in Laeken. He died a few hours later at Paul Brien Hospital in Schaerbeek.

The jurors and the court have now entered into deliberation on the sentence and will pronounce their verdict during the evening. The president of the court has already called on the public attending the trial to “remain dignified” when the verdict is delivered in a few hours.


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