Strategy of “hugs, not bullets” is giving results: AMLO

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador assured that although there have been attacks by criminal groups and there are days with “peaks” in the intentional homicides -like Monday when 118 murders were recorded, highest number this year– will keep your security strategy of “hugs, not bullets”, as he assured that he can show that “it is the best”.

In a morning press conference and after acknowledging that it is a complex problem, the head of the federal Executive assured that addressing the causes that generate violence takes time, but the results are already being seen.

“President, have you ever considered taking a break along the way and perhaps reviewing or rethinking the strategy?” He was asked at a morning press conference,

“We are not going to change the strategy, on the contrary, those who must recognize that they were wrong and that mistakes in politics are like crimes, in the best of cases, they are our adversaries (…) when I said ‘hugs, not bullets,’ They laughed, they mocked, they continue to do so and I can show that this is the best, that the other does not work, the Law of Talion does not work, “he said.

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Crimes against women on the rise

This Thursday THE UNIVERSAL reports that at least seven crimes against women increased in the first quarter of 2022 compared to the same period of the previous year; some registered record levels of incidence between January and April, such as victims of extortion, corruption of minors and complaints of rape and family violence.

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According to the monthly report of violence against women of the Executive Secretariat of the National Public Security System (SESNSP), women victims of corruption of minors increased 25% in the mentioned period; extortion, 20%; human trafficking, 18%; gender violence in all its forms other than family violence, 14%; rape, 12%; intentional injuries, 4%, and family violence, 0.3%.

Los femicides and female victims of intentional homicide maintain an upward trend, similar to last year.

This morning, at a morning press conference, the head of the federal Executive assured that what helps a lot to guarantee peace is to maintain “values, principles and accept that only by being good can we be happy.”

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He stated that addressing the causes that generate violence takes time, but the results are already being seen.

“Before they were massacres at the hands of the State, now what we continue to see are massacres due to the confrontation between criminal groups, but this society is in the middle, President,” he was questioned.

“Yes, but it is not the state,” he replied.

“It doesn’t matter, people keep dying,” he was told.

“Yes, and we try to avoid them, but there is a big difference, it is not the State, imagine that (Felipe) Calderón had (Genaro) García Luna as Secretary of Security,” he said.

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Family disintegration and abandonment of young people, the causes of violence: AMLO

The federal president acknowledged that “the day before yesterday there was one of the hardest, most difficult days, with 118 homicides, fortunately there were already 65, 67, there were 65.”

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President López Obrador attributed the “peaks” in homicides to the disintegration of families, the abandonment of young people, it was thought that everything would be resolved with coercive measures, the collusion of authorities and crime.

He pointed out that there is a downward trend in homicides of 17.1% compared to the historical maximum of 2018.

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