Strategy in Australia and New Zealand – Zero Covid is wavering – how to get out of the crisis

Zero Covid is wavering – how to get out of the crisis

Tired of Zero Covid and Lockdowns: In Australia, opponents of the measures protested violently and fought street battles with the police.
Almost like at the European Football Championship, only with more masks and without superspreading: spectators at a rugby match during corona-free times.

State is sealed off

Almost like in Switzerland, only the cowbells are missing: Demonstration of measures in Melbourne in mid-August 2021.
Empty streets again: The picture is not from March 2020, but from August 27, 2021. New Zealand is trying to exterminate Delta with a tough lockdown, including in Wellington's financial district.

Singapore shows the way

Singapore introduced the TraceTogether app in March 2020, which is practically indispensable for life in the city.

Government does not keep promises

Living with Covid: The normality mode is ignited in Singapore, and tourists should soon populate the city again.

Over 80 percent vaccinated

Oceania has to catch up

Vaccinate what it takes: In Australia, people are still queuing to get vaccinated.


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