Stories of Covid-19 Survivors Inspire Vaccination in Women’s Prisons

A moment later, Yu said he began to lose his sense of smell last August. The convict of this embezzlement case can’t smell anything, even the stinging one.

He did not know where this corona virus started to enter the prison. Moreover, since 2020 ended, the Pekanbaru Women’s Prison has been declared free of Covid-19.

“Prison officers immediately isolated me in a special block,” said Yu.

Increasingly, the number of residents of special isolation blocks is increasing. In August 2021, at least 30 inmates were infected with a similar virus. Every effort is made by medical officers in prisons so that prisoners recover.

From within him, there is a strong urge to fight Covid-19. One of them is the family who always faithfully waits for Yu to return home when his sentence is over.

“Remembering my family, I want to communicate with my family, I am strong that I must recover,” said Yu.

Initially, Yu’s only symptom was a loss of sense of smell. Three days later, his throat began to hurt. Anything that goes into the mouth always hurts to swallow.

Yu’s head was throbbing incessantly. His condition is getting weaker. Sabang is always nauseous and his stomach feels like something is wrapped around him from inside.

Weakness actually became a trigger for him. The power of wanting to survive is getting stronger. Do not forget to take medicines regularly according to the advice of medical personnel in prisons.

“Every day I also inhale eucalyptus oil that is dropped into hot water, hopefully the smell will come back again,” said Yu.



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